Multi carrier Techniques for Wireless LANs

  • Kuipers, Martijn (Projektdeltager)



This research project involves an investigation of multiple access techniques based on OFDM. The goal of the research is to propose a multiple access scheme, which can be used in a multi-user environment, and it should be applicable both in the up- and downlink. Currents standards implements a TDM(A) scheme for the uplink connection. In OFDM based techniques it is very important that the signal retains it orthogonality while being received. If a signal is received from various users, even if the user transmits an orthogonal signal, then the orthogonality of the combined signal can be heavily affected by the multiple access interference. This proposed technique will come up with ways to overcome this problem. In order to simulate and demonstrate this proposal an FPGA based hardware testbed is being constructed. The FPGA is being programmed at a high level by using Handel-C. Handel-C is an ANSI-C based hardware design language (HDL). (Martijn Kuipers)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200431/12/2004