Multi-Physics of High Power Density Power Electronic Systems



The global shift of energy paradigm to clean energy generation, distribution and consumption has made the role of the power electronics technology in power conversion process more essential. Hence, the continuous growth of electricity demand worldwide has exerted pressure on power electronic systems to evolve by moving towards higher power density. Increasing power density results in downsizing of passive components which not only reduce the cost but also increases the energy-efficiency. Employing new power semiconductor devices known as Wide Band-Gap (WBG) can extend the current switching frequency range from kilohertz (kHz) to megahertz (MHz) and substantially increase the power density. However, the solution is not just as easy as drop-in replacement as operating at MHz scale with high power density lead to a complex system due to extreme multi-physics interaction. These issues need to be simulated by analyzing an accurate model of the system prior to empirical implementation. Nonetheless, lack of cross linked multidomain and broadband accuracy, makes the prior-art modelling methods inadequate. This project proposes a new virtual-oriented methodology to calculate broadband equivalent models suitable to analysis multi-physics behaviors of high power density power electronic systems. This can accelerate deployment of modern power electronic applications and thereby reinforce the position of Denmark at the forefront of research and technology development in the international arena. This project is supported by:
Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) - FTP Individual Postdoctoral Grant
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201631/05/2018


  • DFF-Individuelle postdocstipendier : DFF-1333-00034: 2.101.287,00 kr.

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