Multi Storage Converter for Wind Energy (MultiCon)



The MultiCon project aims to foster a paradigm shift in wind energy by developing disruptive storage solutions based on a novel Power Management System which allows monitoring and control of batteries at single cell level, generating significant advantages for functionality, stability, reliability and durability, as well as lower OPEX and CAPEX for end-users.
MultiCon was designed to meet the societal need for improved storage solutions to enable the achievement of imminent political targets set in the renewables context. To mitigate risks, we will follow a stepwise approach, aimed at validating the novel system in 3 disruptive demonstrators: (i) Light backup; (ii) Modular UPS; and (iii) Modular Energy Storage System (ESS). The project will also enable the consortium vision of a Wind Turbine Integrated ESS, using a Multi Storage Converter. MultiCon will contribute to increase the self-supply ability and avoid the need for energy imports.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201731/10/2020


  • Innovationsfonden: kr 17.585.400,00


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