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The MAGNET vision is that Personal Networks (PNs) will support users' professional and private activities, without being obtrusive and while safeguarding their privacy and security. A PN may operate in both ad-hoc and infrastructure based networks and will be dynamic and diverse in composition, configuration and connectivity depending on time, place and circumstances as well as resources required, and last but not least preferred and/or needed co-operating partners.

The MAGNET mission is to enable commercially viable PNs that are attractive, affordable and beneficial for end-users in their everyday life. The MAGNET project constitutes a system approach to what is expected to be one of the most important telecom related growth markets of the future, Personal Area Network (PAN) style networking. MAGNET does not treat PAN networking in isolation: the concept is extended into that of a PN by interconnecting PANs with, in particular wireless wide area networks to access the rich services available on and trough these networks, including the interconnection to other PANs. The project builds on significant advances in peer-to-peer networking, interworking with infrastructure-based networks, wireless technology for PN and security in networking and services.

The project provides advances in PN concept that include:
- Architecture of PNs
- Insight into business models for PNs and related mobile data services in heterogeneous environments
- Networking issues at PN and PAN level: resource and context discovery, self-organization, mobility management, addressing and routing, service discovery
- Security and privacy issues
- Adaptive and configurable radio access sub-systems covering a wide range of data rates, optimised for low-power.

Solutions are tested though working prototypes of a PN, including a core PAN and remote clusters of devices. MAGNET will also provide input and recommendations to standardisation and regulatory bodies and relevant fora.
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