Network of EXellence in Wireless Applications and technologY (NEXWAY)

  • Mitseva, Anelia (Projektleder)



NEXWAY is an IST-project funded under the 5th FWP (Fifth Framework Programme). This thematic Network of Excellence in Wirelesses Applications and Technology performs with success its mission of research and academia networking. It is also seen as a test case for FP6 NoE. Partners developed an open and fair methodology for selection of members on the basis of a set of objective criteria and the core team of 13 partners was enriched with 14 new organisations. The integration of the members helped to broaden NEXWAY’s horizon not only from a technical perspective but also regarding its openness towards NAS members. Joint definition of research priorities and visions are being used to shape, calibrate, adapt, extend partners’, members’ and external parties’ individual research agendas and they serve as valuable input for research management decisions, because they reveal a set of strategic parameters at a given moment in time.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200231/12/2004


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