Networking for Research and Development of Human Interactive and Sensitive Robotics taking advantage of Additive Manufacturing



The strategic objective of the project is to step up the development of the excellent research in the field of interactive, sensible autonomous robotic systems based on Additive manufacturing and using smart materials based on nanopolymers at the TECHNICKA UNIVERZITA V LIBERCI, Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as TUL) by creating partnerships with four leading foreign research institutions from France (INSTITUT NATIONAL POLYTECHNIQUE DE TOULOUSE and UNIVERSITE PAUL SABATIER TOULOUSE III), Spain (MONDRAGON GOI ESKOLA POLITEKNIKOA JOSE MARIA ARIZMENDIARRIETA S COOP) and Denmark (AALBORG UNIVERSITET). TUL will significantly enhance the quality and competitiveness of research in this area through staff and student exchanges, expert visits and participation at conferences. The purpose of the mobility of scientists and administrative support staff will be to acquire new knowledge and experience in the given field of research, and also to prepare and implement international scientific projects or contacts at the level of the planned research collaboration with leading research organizations. Business trips will lead to the creation of new project ideas, with the most promising being submitted to international calls. The project will also include the organization of expert seminars, workshops, PhD forums and international conferences. The main focus of these activities will be the intensive transfer of knowledge from leading research centres to the specialist workplaces at TUL.The main benefit of the project will be to bring the quality of research at TUL significantly closer to that of internationally recognized counterparts from the EU, whereby facilitating TUL’s access to funding from European Commission. In terms of personnel capacities, the project will increase the scientific and technical capacities in the institutions involved and will support the professional growth of the staff involved in the project.


Scientists from the Technical University of Liberec, TUL in the Czech Republic want to collaborate and coordinate exchange visits with their fellow institutions in Denmark, Toulouse (France), and Spain. The goal is to enrich their knowledge in the field of interactive, sensible autonomous robotic systems based on additive manufacturing and smart materials produced from nanopolymers. The EU-funded R2P2 project will allow them to exchange ideas, increase knowledge, gain experience and prepare to deploy international scientific projects in collaboration with prominent research organisations. All the participants (including project staff) will benefit by upgrading their scientific and technical capabilities.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2022


  • Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III (Projektpartner)
  • Technical University of Liberec (Projektpartner) (leder)
  • Institut national polytechnique de Toulouse (Projektpartner)

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