New Institutions of Innovation in Polish manufacturing

  • Lorentzen, Anne (Projektdeltager)



The purpose of the project is to characterise the new mechanisms of knowledge transfer, which have been established in Poland during the nineties and to assess their impact on enterprise innovation. A main focus is the role of the newly established regional and local organisations in support of business development and innovation. The background for the project is on the one hand the process of decentralisation and empowerment of local and regional governments going on in Poland, by which local and regional governments are envisaged to be prime movers of development and innovation in the Polish society. On the other hand it is the privatisation process and the increasing role of private enterprises, particularly of SMEs, in the Polish society. The new private companies are under severe pressure to innovate in order to survive in the competition and regional development is increasingly seen as the development of local business and jobs. The project will investigate the following questions: How can the capability and the capacity of the new organisations in support of business development and innovation be assessed? What type of companies co-operates with the new institutions and what is the impact of the knowledge transfer on the development of these companies? What paths of innovation do Polish companies follow and what are the barriers to innovation in general? What could county governments, regional development agencies and technology transfer agencies do to enhance the process of innovation of the local enterprises? The approach of the project integrates innovation system approaches and approaches of regional governance. The project includes an extensive collection of qualitative data in Poland in three different locations, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. The project is developed in co-operation with researchers and practitioners in Poland. The project period is June 1999 to June 2004. (Anne Lorentzen).
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/199901/01/2006