Nordic Master on Sustainable ICT solutions of tomorrow



PROPHET is a 5-year (4 student cohorts) Master's programme emphasixing the need of sustainable development and ICT as a tool towards it. Various reports have shown that alhough ICT is part of the problem (causes carbon emissions and used various resources), it has a remarkable enabling effect on the reduction of carbon emissions. PROPHET is implemented as a joint masters between LUT university in Finland and Aalborg University in Denmark. The education is implemented as combination of local courses and virtual courses. Both ends will have their local courses that are offered tot he other through virtual MOOC type of implementation. PROPHET will educate ICT experts with a sustainable mindset, experts that are capable of creating sustainable ICT solutions of tomorrow.


Development of MOOC courses
Establishment of joint studyline linked to ICTE at AAU
Exchange of students for project work
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2021