The Nordic Research Network for Architectural Anthropology gathers researchers from various Nordic Universities and Architectural Schools, junior researchers and stakeholders from outside academia – all working in the interdisciplinary field between anthropology and architecture. The objective is to create an inspiring architectural anthropology research environment that extends across national, disciplinary and organisational boundaries and links scholarly research to design practice.


"Architectural Anthropology - exploring lived space" (Routledge 2022)
About the book: In order to fully grasp the relationship between human beings and their built environments and design more livable and sustainable buildings and cities in the future, we need new cross-disciplinary approaches combining anthropology and architecture. This is neither anthropology of architecture, nor ethnography for architects, but a new approach beyond these positions: Architectural Anthropology.

The anthology gathers contributions from leading researchers from various Nordic universities, architectural schools, and architectural firms as well as prominent international scholars like Tim Ingold, Albena Yaneva, and Sarah Pink – all exploring, developing, and innovating the cross-disciplinary field between anthropology and architecture. Several contributions are co-written by architects and anthropologists, merging approaches from the two disciplines in order to fully explore the dynamics of lived space.
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