Nordjysk H2FC Center



The project objective is, over the next five years, to position Northern Jutland as the leading Danish region within fuel cell system technology. Key technologies will be developed within renewable energy technologies. Focus will be put on areas where Northern Jutland has unique opportunities for industry development with particular emphasis on fuel cell technology. The project results will be part of integrated demonstration projects on pilot scale (Cemtec) and full-scale (Energy City Frederikshavn). The project will interact with key companies with the capability to bring the technologies to the market and create the desired high technology industry development in the region.

This project is unique in its focus on high temperature PEM fuel cell technology that will be combined with reformer systems for micro combined heat and power based on reformed biogas and methanol reforming for backup power and transport applications. Fuel cell - battery hybrid systems will constitute a central part in the transport application area.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200701/09/2012


  • Regionalfonden


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