Novel enhanced bioplastics from sustainable processing of seaweed



The main objective of PlastiSea is to develop novel bioplastic materials based on cultivated and wild species of brown algae. The project will thus provide innovative and sustainable bioplastic substrates with promising properties, and simultaneously add value to a growing seaweed industry in Europe. The PlastiSea consortium consists of partners from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain, and combines research expertise with industrial innovation to achieve the project's goals and fulfil the visions of the Blue Bioeconomy. AAU-PLAN is WP leader and contributes to the project by performing the prospective sustainability assessment of emerging technologies for the Blue bioeconomy. Financing: ERA-NET Cofund BlueBio programme, joint R&D funding scheme between EC and member states ( Administered in Denmark by Innovation Fund Denmark (grant 9082-00011B)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202028/02/2023


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