Observe, Predict, Decide and Act: Smart Supply Chain Management through InterOrganizational Business Process Intelligence



    The financial crisis has left industry with globally scattered footprints. Companies have outsourced
    and off-shored manufacturing, relocating activities and jobs to Asia. In Denmark, the pressure to
    increase competitiveness and productivity is tremendous. Since 2000, Denmark had a net loss of
    100,000 jobs, with another 190,000 predicted lost towards 2020. Productivity improvements alone
    cannot compensate for the competitive erosion, so we instead need to address the entire global
    value chain and the role of Danish companies in it. Global value chains are extremely complicated
    to operate. Since flexibility and agility is a key requirement for sustainable competitiveness, the
    competencies to coordinate and control the value chain are prerequisites for repositioning in the
    value chain. The challenge is to create an integrated approach to observe the value chain, to predict
    problems; to decide what action to take; and to act before the problems unfold. As a result, Danish
    industry is positioned to become the central nervous system of future supply chains, enabling
    creation of new high-qualified jobs and preventing loss of less-qualified jobs.
    We will research new technologies and methods for proactive decision making enabling a
    completely new level of intelligence in global supply chains, by providing inter-organizational
    (Grigori et al., 2004) intelligence. The envisioned solutions are based on breakthrough cloud-based
    data warehousing and data mining techniques, accompanied by radically new management
    approaches. Furthermore we will research business and institution models for enabling and
    embedding these new competencies into Danish industry (Van der Aalst, 2008). This is done in a
    multidisciplinary team of top researchers from computer science and operations management,
    including two international centers of excellence and two leading edge Danish companies.
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