The management of oil and gas offshore platforms at the end of their productive phase is a complex issue for technological, socio-economic, ecological and safety reason. Options alternative to the complete removal has been explored at international level, including partial decommissioning and leave in place for sustainable and beneficial re-use. PLaCE will explore and combine for the first time at national level innovative cutting edge technologies and solutions for multi-purpose activities of offshore platforms at the end of their productive phase, thus providing important benefits for the Blue Growth sector. Specifically, technologies and solutions include: i) mineral accretion technology as a life-extension strategy for re-use of offshore platforms and enhance the value of the natural capital, ii) innovative integrated aquaculture solutions, iii) integrated offshore renewable energy generation system for multipurpose platform activities and iv) innovative supporting systems for the assessment of ecological sustainability of the multipurpose platform activities and evaluation of remote management of operation and maintenance.
Effektiv start/slut dato21/01/201901/07/2020


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