During oil production large amounts of water are coproduced. One of the biggest environmental concerns in offshore oil & gas production is the quality of these tremendous amounts of produced water. When the water is separated it still contains small amounts of oil and before it can be discharged to the sea it requires treatment to meet with the regulations. As these regulations become stricter, better and more accurate monitoring and control practices are needed. This project will develop two aspects. 1) Innovative technology to measure oil-in-water (both dispersed and dissolved), using advanced 3D fluorescence spectroscopy combined with advanced data processing and 2) integrating this in an innovative control solution to as a first application in the hydrocyclone-based de-oiling process for produced water treatment.
Kort titelOiW
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202131/12/2024


  • Technical University of Denmark (leder)
  • KU
  • Total
  • Shute Sensing Solution A/S
  • Energy Innovation Cluster


  • EUDP: 2.975.059,00 kr.


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