On- and offshore full scale wave energy PTO test, demonstration and optimisation



This project will upscale and complete the detailed design of a full scale wave energy Power Take Off (PTO) system, developed by FPP and partners. The PTO system will be taken from its current scale to full size – ready for deployment offshore. This fullscale PTO system will be built and tested in a new test rig. The test setup will allow the PTO to be demonstrated, optimized and showcased. The PTO system and test rig will be the largest wave power test setup of its kind in the world and the development and testing will result in a highly efficient and cost optimized PTO-system. The project is linked to FPPs first full scale demonstration unit to be deployed in Spain at the Plocan test site. The design developed will be used to build four offshore PTO systems for full-scale offshore demonstration (not part of this project). The test rig will be reused to commission the four PTO units prior to deployment in Spain and as an onshore twin to the offshore PTOs. This will enable FPP and partners to further improve the system by testing new control algorithms and components in a safe environment before offshore deployment.

The project will be done by Floating Power Plant and our partners Fritz Schur Energy, Seasystems and Aalborg University. This project is funded by EUDP and has a budget of 17.8 million DKK, where EUDP has supplied 11.5 million DKK and the partners provide the rest.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/202131/12/2024


  • Floating Power Plant A/S (leder)
  • Fritz Schur Energy
  • Seasystems AS


  • EUDP: 10.806.339,00 kr.


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