Pedagogy Innovation and University Teaching & Learning Development in Higher Education - a case of cross-culture collaboration between AAU and GUDT



    The project is based on the collaboration of the two university with an aim to develop a sustainable pedagogy innovation and development programme for University Teaching & Learning at GDUT and to conduct educational research on the development process. Specifically, it attempts 1) to increase internationalization profile for both GDUT and AAU, 2) to increase the competence of university teaching and learning for GDUT teaching staff, and 3) to document the University pedagogy innovation and development in China via an innovative and interdisciplinary research approach.

    The project consists of facilitating an on-service programme for GUDT teaching staff to visit AAU, where they will design PBL inspired teaching experiments, and long term facilitation for their implementation and evidence documentation after the visit programme at AAU. The project is conducted via close collaboration between colleagues from both universities. The AAU research team is responsible for organizing the evaluation and educational research for the project.

    This project expects to lead to a sustainable change process in educational development at GDUT and a series of knowledge dissemination activities as well as scientific publications at an international level.

    Project leaders: Prof. He Hanwu, director of Academic Programmes at GDUT and Xiangyun Du, at Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University.
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201131/12/2016


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