Ph D project: Places & Routes in the Landscape


The project stems from the theoretical tension field between place and mobility: place as something firmly rooted and mobility as flow and movement that connects places in relation to each other (Massey 1994). The relational understanding address places in a network of routes: everything from large non-stop traffic systems to small, hidden paths. But what is the relationship between the actual physical location and the actual physical route?
The project's conceptual study field is 'outskirts', with Hirtshals as main case. The concepts of landscape is seen as a key quality and base for 'transformation' in the less populated areas of the periphery of Denmark, and as an essential clutch between place and mobility.
The PhD project is thus accessed from two sides: on the one hand with an understanding of the relationship between place (Cresswell 2004, Hvattum 2010, Koolhaas 1995, Norberg-Schultz 1980) and mobility (Jensen 2009, 2013, Urry 2007). On the other hand with an understanding of the concepts of periphery/outskirts/fringe (Allen et. al 1998, Laursen 2009, 2011), as a problematized size; however one that appears to have many qualities and more importantly potentials (including the notion of landscape), currently unresolved.
Based on an analysis and exploration of this field (the first part of the project), it is the aim to develop strategies and methods to handle place and mobility challenges of Danish outskirt areas (the second part of the project). Thus the project will give back concrete input to the concept of place, mobility and outskirt.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201331/12/2015