PhD course: The process of theory building and theorizing in management research



This PhD course aims to acquaint the PhD students with the process of theorising and theory building in management research.

We start from the premise that it is critical for PhD students to master the process of theorizing and theory development from the extant knowledge and empirical data quite early in their Doctoral studies.

By the end of the course the PhD students will have gained skills and knowledge in (a) conducting literature review and conceptualizing from it, and (b) analysing and theorising from qualitative data.

This is a 5 ECTS PhD course comprised of three modules totalling five days. The course admits maximum 30 students. More information about the course could be found on the course website.

The Course is a program run jointly by Aalborg University (AAU, Denmark), Oulu University (OULU, Finland), and Halmstad University (HH, Sweden) on a rotating basis.
AkronymTBRP PhD
Effektiv start/slut dato15/10/2012 → …


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