PhD project: Compressive Sensing in Communication Systems



This PhD project concerns the development and evaluation of communication systems receiver architectures and algorithms using the new theory of compressive sensing. The project intends to advance the mainly mathematical concept of compressive sensing towards a technology that is mature enough to be implemented in a receiver in a communication system. This shall be accomplished through the development of receiver architectures and algorithms designed based on realistic signal models, and their evaluation through extensive numerical simulations and laboratory experiments. The type of communication system is not yet determined, but several possibilites are presently being analyzed. Furthermore, focus shall be on developing and evaluating algorithms for compressive sensing based on parallel computing, which may decrease the time needed for reconstruction, which is presently a big problem in compressive sensing implementations.

This project is a part of the Sparse Signal Processing in Wireless Communications (SparSig) project, which is a cooperative work with two other PhD students, 2 postdocs, four professors and two industrial partners in an international setting.
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SparSig: Sparse Signal Processing in Wireless Communications (SparSig)

Larsen, T., Jensen, S. H., Arildsen, T., Fyhn, K., Pankiewicz, P. J., Li, P. & Jensen, T.

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    Compressive Parameter Estimation for Sparse Translation-Invariant Signals Using Polar Interpolation

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    Compressive Sensing for Spread Spectrum Receivers

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    Spectral Compressive Sensing with Polar Interpolation

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