PhD Project: Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Mooring Systems of Floating Wind Turbines


The proposed Ph.D. project aims to be one of the stepping stones for the improvement of station-keeping systems of offshore wind and wave energy structures which are key power generation technologies for the renewable energy future. The project will focus on modeling and verification of dynamic mooring line tension response of floating wind turbines to wave forces and computation of fatigue damage on the mooring line components. Scope of the research will then expand with applications to mooring systems of wave energy devices. In addition to its theoretical contribution, the project will produce implementations allowing further evaluation of prototype offshore wind and wave energy structure designs.

Hauschildt Marine A/S is well aware of the fact that the increase in research and

development of floating wind turbine technology in Scandinavia has risen much faster than the professional services offered for design and analysis of mooring systems of floating wind turbines. This difference will create the need for external assistance in mooring line design and analysis in Denmark and Scandinavia once floating wind turbines become cost

competitive and manufacturing processes commence.

Effektiv start/slut dato30/01/201101/01/2014


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