PhD Project: Holistic Food Design - Aiming for changing food related behavioural patterns in Danish Day care centers through human centered design approach

  • Hermanssdottir, Sunna (Projektdeltager)



The PhD. project is a part of an interdisciplinary project, FRIDA. There are three PhD. students associated with the project, each representing one of the core competencies of the three research groups at Aalborg University, Food Plus Design (Center for Food Science, Design and Experience), MENU (Meal Science & Public Health Nutri-tion) and FINe (Foodscapes, Innovation and Network). This PhD. project concerns the design part, while the others concern on the one hand, what good meal experi-ence for children is, and on the other hand, if food related pedagogical activities have positive influence on children’s foundation of food.

The purpose of the design part is to explore how design can change food-related behaviour through products. The aim of the project is to change the food in day-care centers from being passive to active and thus create a change towards a healthier arrangement where children and pedagogues get positive relationship towards food.
Effektiv start/slut dato14/02/201114/02/2014
  • Aalto University

    Sunna Hermanssdottir (Gæsteforsker)

    jan. 2013jun. 2013

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