PhD project: Integrated circuits design for sparse sampling receivers

  • Pierzchlewski, Jacek, (Projektdeltager)
  • Larsen, Torben (Projektdeltager)


The PhD project deals with integrated circuits dedicated to wireless communication. The research purpose of this PhD project is to design analog-to-digital converter integrated circuit, which uses sparse sampling. This converter will be used in a radio receiver, which will be dedicated to short-range, or mid-range wireless communication.

The project has both theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part of the project, sparse sampling algorithms useful for radio signals will be developed. In the practical part, developed theoretical solutions will be transferred to a real silicon structures inside the chip. This integrated circuit design must be many times simulated and prepared to be produced.

Successful elaboration of this chip design will give the possibility to use the sparse sampling method in wireless communication practice, what will significantly increase the quality of this communication. Developed solutions will be definitely willingly adopted by the electronic industry. This PhD project is very innovative, because current research projects mainly concern on using the new sampling method in audio and video processing.
Effektiv start/slut dato15/11/200914/11/2012