PhD project: Linearization of Power Amplifiers for Mobile Communications

  • Tafuri, Felice Francesco (Projektdeltager)
  • Larsen, Torben (Projektdeltager)



This project focuses on the linearization of Power Amplifiers (PAs) for mobile communications. The scope of the project is in the area of wireless communications with particular focus on linearization of power amplifiers for the new 4G (4th Generation) standard. Power amplifiers are usually designed with high efficiency as the main goal. On the other hand the ultimate LTE-Advanced standard requires high linearity that can be achieved either as trade-off with efficiency or a special linearization technique has to be used. The latter one is the most attractive because it has a potential for both high linearity and high efficiency.

The main research interests are: to invent a new PA model with a reduced number of parameters that can be quickly identified using DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms; to research a novel adaptive linearization technique suitable for highly nonlinear PAs; to implement the linearization technique in the lab and verify the performance by measurements.

This project is highly interdisciplinary because it deals with many different areas such as mathematical modeling, signal processing, RF circuit analysis and digital electronics system design. The project is part of the research framework on Power Amplifiers carried by the PA group in Technology Platforms Section (TPS). The research follows closely 4GMCT project together with other PhD projects.
Effektiv start/slut dato15/11/201014/11/2013