PhD-project: Science Teachers' life and work

  • Daugbjerg, Peer Schrøder (Projektdeltager)



    Science Teachers notions and experiences of the constantly changing work conditions in the public school have received little attention in contemporary research. The present study will look specifically on how science teachers cope in their daily life and work. The study takes the opposite assumption of the general media picture. This study assumes that science teachers have good
    adaptability to the changing conditions in the public school. The study will collect science teachers’ experiences and notions of their work through open interviews. The teachers’ will be given opportunity to tell the story about their life and work as professional science teachers’. This will provide new insight in teachers’ notions of the relations between 1) the time lines of events and experiences, 2) the environmental context for events and experiences and 3) the social and personal relations of the events and experiences. The interviews will be supplemented with classroom observations and interviews with colleagues and school leaders. These supplementary data will give a richer and fuller picture of how science teachers adapt to the changing conditions of Danish public school.
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/200831/08/2013