PhD Project: Selected Constitutive Models for Simulating the Hygromechanical Response of Wood

  • Frandsen, Henrik Lund (Projektdeltager)
  • Svensson, Staffan (Projektleder)
  • Jensen, Henrik Myhre (Projektleder)



    The present thesis is a compilation of papers.

    Paper I: The theories for the phenomena leading to hygromechanical response of wood to the orthotropic cellular structure and the hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers constituting the cells. The introductory paper presents these theories for the hygromechanical response and hereby also provides the frame of reference and the connecting thread of the present thesis.

    Paper II: Multiple paths for moisture transport and slow sorption yield non- Fickian effects. In this paper a so-called multi-Fickian model is revised with respect to the incorporated essential sorption rate model.

    Paper III: In this paper a new sorption hysteresis model suitable for implementation into a numerical method is developed.

    Paper IV: In this paper the sorption hysteresis model developed in Paper III is applied to two different wood species and to bleach-kraft paperboard.

    Paper V: In this paper the sorption hysteresis model is implemented into the multi-Fickian model allowing simultaneous simulation of non-Fickian effects and hysteresis.

    Paper VI: In this paper the temperature dependencies of the hysteretic multi-Fickian moisture transport model are discussed.

    Paper VII: In this paper the modeling of transverse couplings in creep of wood are discussed based on experimental observation of time dependent Poisson ratios and new theoretical findings on the Poisson ratio. A new orthotropic creep model, which provides directionally independent creep rates, is proposed. Furthermore, the procedure for an ongoing experimental study of the phenomenon is presented

    Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/200322/02/2008


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    • 2008 DCE Ph.d projects
    • Shape Stability
    • Wooden Strutural Members
    • Multi-Fickian
    • Moisture Transport
    • Hysteresis Model
    • Sorption
    • Cellulosi Materials
    • Transverse Couplings
    • Creep Of Wood


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