Plastic ZERO - Public Private Cooperations for Avoiding Plastic as a Waste



The overall objective of the project is to reduce plastic in waste streams saving non-renewable resources and enabling carbon neutral energy production from waste.

More specifically, the project aims at:
•Identifying the main challenges and barriers for reducing plastic waste in mixed waste and residual waste streams, hereby stimulating prevention and recycling of plastic waste
•Promoting recycling of plastic polymers as a substitute for virgin plastic
•Diverting waste plastic from the residual waste going to incineration (creating a carbon neutral energy source) and landfill

An important feature of the Plastic Zero project is to set up cooperative forums involving public and private stakeholders, by bringing stakeholders together with shared responsibility. The forums and networks will identify and analyse relevant interfaces between the partners in the value chain, and provide the necessary production technology, infrastructure, physical planning, information, waste services, and technologies for reprocessing. By involving all stakeholders in the value chain there will be an opportunity to rethink product design through cradle-to-cradle methods.
AkronymPlastic Zero
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201131/08/2014


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