Process Integration and Transformation based on new Network Information Technology (PITNIT)

  • Karlsbjerg, Jan (Projektdeltager)
  • Damsgaard, Jan (Projektdeltager)



The PITNIT project is a large multi-disciplinary research effort that involves researchers from department of computer science, department of production, department of international business studies at Aalborg University, and department of management, Aarhus University. It started in 1999 and continues until 2003. It is supported by the Danish Research Council and has a total budget of DKK 7,5 Million. The goal of the PITNIT project is to describe, analyse and offer practical guidelines of the integration and transformation of industrial processes that is enabled by new networked information technology. The key research challenges are * The merger between a number of process innovation concepts and associated IT * The Extended Enterprise that emerges from a multitude of different co-operating organisations and associated IT * Network-based interaction with the environment using new IT for marketing purposes. (Jan Damsgaard (research director, Jan Karlsbjerg, Rens Scheepers, Jan Kristensen, Jeremy Rose and Ram Somasundaram)
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