Production in Small Batches



    Together, globalization and the rapid progress of production-related I/T capabilities make new manufacturing practices possible. Products and components can now be manufactured as prototypes or in small batches on demand due to a number of technological advances, known collectively as Rapid Prototyping. As these new technologies will influence the way manufacturing systems are run, the future holds significant changes in store as companies take advantage of them. In short, this project seeks to recognize the new possibilities inherent in the technology today and describe where this and related technology may take us in the future. More specifically, the project will focus on how Danish companies may benefit from these new technologies, envisioning the changes to I/T systems and manufacturing infrastructure that the implementation of the technologies will require. The project group will make concerted efforts to disseminate the results of this study through both establishing a network of excellence among Danish companies and setting up workshops for interested companies. And the main contributions of the project will be published as a report informed by a ?how to? approach. Project group: Aalborg University ? Associate Professor Jørgen Schiønning; CIP ? Associate Professor Poul H.K. Hansen; Danish Technological Institute ? Center Manager Bent Mieritz, MSc. Olivier Jay, Product Manager Karsten Lumbye Jensen Moreover, this group is in the process of establishing an international R&D network comprising a range of European research institutions and organizations.
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