Promoting Fairness of the Music Ecosystem in a Platform- Dominated and Post-Pandemic Europe



The main goal of Fair MusE is to promote fairness for music creators and stakeholders, thus leading to a more transparent, competitive and sustainable music sector in Europe. This requires proposing new criteria, methodologies and tools to define this concept. The project considers the broad variety of online and offline environments where music professionals are involved and provides an original and innovative analysis of contemporary uncertainties on music’s economic and societal value and how they challenge creators’ opportunities to thrive and make a living. Fair MusE focuses on the exponential growth of digital content platforms, and the fast- growing influence of online services, social media, and their algorithms, to highlight factors that may currently prevent the entire music industry from developing in a fair and sustainable way, at least for most music creators.
Kort titelFair MusE
AkronymFair MusE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202328/02/2026

FN's verdensmål

I 2015 blev FN-landende enige om 17 verdensmål til at standse fattigdom, beskytte planeten og sikre velstand for alle. Dette projekt bidrager til følgende verdensmål:

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  • Music
  • Fairness
  • algorithmic content recommendation