QUING Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies



    Understanding Europe: the case of gender+ equality policies

    The European Union values diversity and inclusion; yet at the level of its member states, many examples of exclusion and polarization can be found, whether the focus is on gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. The research project "Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies (QUING)" tackles these issues to provide the knowledge for inclusive gender+ equality policies. On October 13-15, the QUING kick-off meeting, which took place at the IWM, gathered the project partners from all over Europe to discuss the challenges ahead, get to know and enjoy each other and make detailed plans for the coming six months. QUING is funded within the European Commission's 6th Framework Program and will last for 54 months (2006-2011).

    Mieke Verloo is the scientific director of the project.

    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200631/12/2011


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