RecaP: Capture, recycling and societal management of phosphorus in the environment



Existing agricultural practices overexploit and waste the earth’s phosphorus (P) reserves. This results in large flows of P into surface waters, damaging ecosystems. Since these practices use valuable P resources and pollute the environment, the EU has issued a circular Economy Action Plan that aims to move towards a circular P economy. This requires new interdisciplinary collaborations that will radically shape P governance, introducing new P management solutions. The EU-funded RecaP project will train a new generation of P specialists to become 'knowledge brokers' across disciplinary silos, aiming to ensure transformative changes in P sustainability in the EU. The project will train early-stage researchers in the capture and recycling of P from wastewater and freshwater systems as well as in innovative P recovery and freshwater restoration techniques.
Kort titelRecaP
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202128/02/2025


  • EU - Horizon 2020 – Excellent Science - Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions: 2.500.000,00 kr.