Refugees and social quality



Abstract- Transnational civic mobilization and transformation of refugees, social quality in Aarhus
Refugees worldwide experience loss of lives, lack of resources as well as multiple displacements and expulsions. The few that arrived in relatively peaceful host societies- though they might no longer be exposed to direct life threatening situations, but they continue to face risk of displacement and deportation.
Scholarly research on refugees often focuses on the reception system, and on the legal and policy-related dimensions of the refugees’ integration and/or exit. Emphasis often rests upon macro-level comparison of refugee regimes and regulations.
In discussing with refugees, civic organizations and managing authorities in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, this paper aims to highlight the potential transformations, opportunities and constraints of the refugees’ social quality life within a municipal environment and the intersection between communities and local authorities. The main questions addressed include: How do the refugees understand and perceive social quality? What actions do they self-take to improve their social quality? What do civic organizations and municipal authorities and other state related organizations do and can do to improve the refugees’ social life quality? How has this developed over time within the Aarhus context?


1-2 papers in between 2019-2020
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