REgional process innovations For Unique Renovation Building packages opening markets to zero energy renovations



In this project, called REFURB 2.0, it is the complex interplay of several barriers (technical, organisational, financial, institutional…) that will be tackled through process organisation, innovation and optimization. Renovations packages solve this and link existing solutions to overcome all types of barriers. REFURB 2.0 will bring together all relevant stakeholders to bridge the gap between supply and demand side by:
- developing a holistic approach to the renovation process in which technology combinations trigger step-by-step deep energy renovation of existing, private residential buildings towards NZEB8-standards. The technology combinations or renovation packages will suit the current state of a building as well as the property’s current and future value;
- accommodating the technology solutions to the decision-making psychology and ‘language’ of residential house-owners (whether they own a single family house or a multi-store apartment). It is believed that we should move away from convincing buyers by promoting the technological benefits of individual renovation products. Instead we need to identify and respond to the desired comfort level9 of the house-owner and match the technologies. This approach will provide the drivers for empowerment and mobilisation of house-owners for deep renovation.
- introducing a “Compelling Offer” (i.e. an offer you can’t refuse) to residential house-owners based on a match between available technologies and their concerns. An easily understandable economic decision-making model will be made available to residential house-owners and tested in several European regions for further tailoring of the offer to specific circumstances (climate, building tradition, housing market, renovation market…).
AkronymREFURB 2.0
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201501/03/2018


  • Project Zero
  • Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster
  • VITO
  • TREA Region of Tartou
  • Municipality of Leeuwarden
  • Leidal
  • Bauwerein Halle
  • Recticel
  • Bostoen
  • Buurkracht
  • Regional development agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Business support centre, l.t.d.


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