This project aims to investigate the commercial opportunities of a reliability assessment software tool for power electronic components and systems – ReliaPE. The underpinning reliability analysis methodology based on real-life environmental and loading conditions, the computational-efficient simulation models, and the reliability-oriented AI algorithms, are the core technologies of the tool. The ReliaPE software addresses fast growing markets such as, E-mobility, industrial drives, renewable energies and/or household appliances, and can facilitate the time-to-market and life cycle cost reduction of power electronic products. The project outcomes will enable the transition from academic research to commercial product, and help achieve the long-term targets of establishing a spin-off company which provides software-as-a-service, and data analytics services.
Kort titelReliaPE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202131/08/2022


  • Innovationsfonden: 1.498.166,00 kr.


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