The goal of the REQUEST project is to increase the uptake of low carbon renovation measures in residential properties across Europe for all ownership tenures. Working as an EU-consortium of national energy agencies and building research institutes, we focus on addressing one of the key barriers to action for property owners, namely easy access to a reliable quality installer or, in the case of major renovation, a range of professionals , referred to for the purpose of this project as the “supply chain”. The project regards upon Energy Performance Certificates as a starting point for a chain of quality renovation actions and aims to enforce the role of EPC’s in this perspective. EPC’s need to contain qualitative and comprehensible recommendations, motivating homeowners and tenants to commission a “joined up” renovation product where they can trust the quality of the delivered renovation.

The REQUEST project will provide national and regional agencies across the EU with a set of tried and tested tools and techniques which they can use to promote:

- An integrated customer journey leading dwelling owners or tenants from EPC information to low carbon action.

- An integrated supply chain for professionals involved in renovation processes, with mutual recognition of the roles of the various trades involved enhancing quality, professionalism, ease of use and confidence in the outcome for the dwelling owner/tenant.

These objectives will be met through collaboration and interaction with key actors from the 4 different target groups involved:

- Demand side - Individual householders and the multi-residential building owners/managers

- Supply side - Building professionals and trading organizations

- Intermediary - EPC-advisors, architects

- Regulators and facilitators - Government agencies, experts in low carbon renovation.

The EPC meeting platform will provide targeted information and advice on EPC recommendations and how to follow up on. The platform will function as a meeting and information point, addressed to both building owners and professionals involved in building renovation.

The Quality framework section will focus on the quality standard under development through consultation with building professionals and testing via pilot renovation projects. An optional label for both renovation processes and actors will be launched as well on the basis of the defined quality standard.

The Pilot project section will provide information on the 10 national pilot projects, serving as test cases for the instruments developed.

An interactive Efficiency Assistant have been produced and can be visited following the link below + Project Outcome + Efficiency Assistant.

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