Research on Optimal Control Strategy Based on MAS and Stability Evaluation of Integrated Energy System



The integrated energy system (IES) has laid the foundation for improving energy efficiency, multi energy complementary and building low-carbon energy system. However, the main problem is that the deeply coupled multi energy systems also face the operational risk that cannot be ignored, especially when there is no effective collaborative security control strategy between the coupling systems.

The key motivation of this project is to improve the stability and economic effect by putting forward a control strategy of IES coupled with electric power and natural gas based on multi-agent system (MAS). And a new stability evaluation method as well as stability evaluation index for regional IES will be proposed and solved by improved intelligent algorithm.

The specific research objectives are as follows:

1. Designing a new optimal control strategy based on MAS to realize the information interaction among subsystems, so that the revised incremental cost of subsystem power is iteratively consistent.

2. Building a simulation model for regional IES with Matlab/Simulink, which can be used to simulate the critical cases on system stability under different disturbances, and monitor the node voltage and frequency of the power system with disturbance scenarios.

3. Establishing a new stability evaluation method as well as stability evaluation index for regional IES and solving that by improved intelligent algorithms.

The main outcomes of this project not only provide some new knowledge in the protection field and promote the coordination between MAS and IES, but also contribute to the stable and economic operation of the IES.

Funding: Self-financing
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202030/08/2023


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