Research on Vibration Suppression and Life Prediction of Key Components of Offshore Wind Turbines



This project aims to suppress the oscillation motion of floating offshore wind turbines and to improve the structural safety margin of the turbines. The tension leg platform has good vertical stiffness, but insufficient horizontal stiffness and are prone to yawing motion. By establishing a vibration isolation system to resist and dissipate wave impact and wind load impact. The excitation and damage caused by external loads to the wind turbine can be effectively mitigated. The response of the wind turbine is analyzed based on the wave load spectrum and the response curve of the floating platform is calculated using numerical simulation as a basis for designing the hybrid vibration isolation system. A suitable control strategy is selected to first dissipate the waves by controlling the actuators and then dissipate the energy using hybrid vibration isolation. Simulations and experimental studies are used to select the appropriate dynamic parameters for the vibration isolation system to achieve the desired response of the wind turbine. The life state analysis of key components such as tension legs is carried out. The performance degradation characteristics and laws of wind turbines under low-frequency cyclic waves are studied to ensure their safe operation.
Funding: Self-funded
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/202130/11/2024


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