Retention and Drop out amongst 1 year bachelor students at the Faculty for Engineering and Science



The purpose of the Dropout project is to gather knowledge about the dynamics of retention and dropout amongst 1 year bachelor students at the Faculty for Engineering and Science. It is also a purpose to seek out possibilities for offering support to those students that are in risk of dropping out.

We can observe an increased dropout rate among 1st year students above acceptabel limits

We have chosen medialogy as a case study since this education has a very high drop out rate. We will add the 1st year students of software and biotechnology to compare and to align with a similar investigation at SDU.

Research Questions:
What is the relationship between students motivation, expectation and 1st year experiences and their tendency to drop out or stay?

- Why do students at MEA drop out?
- What makes them continue their education?
- How can we increase retention at MEA 1st year?

Expected outcome
Knowledge about retention and drop out along with knowledge about support possibilities

Methodologies for Knowledge gathering:
Personal learning journal in the PV course filled out by students
Group discussions with external persons
Selected interviews with students

Activities for Support:
Individual Consultation – both internal and external
Increased study guidance
Kort titelDropout project
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201501/07/2016


  • University of Southern Denmark