Robust bidirectional human-machine interface for natural control and feedback in hand prostheses



Modern robotic prostheses are sophisticated systems with multiple functions.
However, many amputees reject their artificial limbs due to difficulties in
controlling the device and the lack of somatosensory feedback. The ambition of the present project is to endow the prosthesis with an advanced feedback and control that would restore the natural connection between the user and his/her artificial limb. To this aim, we will address a number of scientific challenges to develop advanced technology (artificial skin, silicone electrode matrix), novel closed-loop control methods, and the model of the human controller. These components will be the building blocks of a bidirectional, high-bandwidth human-machine interface mimicking distributed feedback and dexterous control characteristic for able-bodied humans. By improving the prosthesis utility and subjective experience, the novel interface will increase the amputees' quality of life and thereby decrease prosthesis rejection rates.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201801/01/2023


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