SAFMAMS: Scientific Advice for Fisheries Management at Multiple Scales

  • Wilson, Douglas Clyde (Projektkoordinator)
  • Hegland, Troels Jacob (Projektdeltager)
  • Degnbol, Ditte (Projektdeltager)



SAFMAMS draws insights from existing research projects and management processes on the most useful forms of scientific advice for marine environmental management and then communicates those insights to scientists and decision makers. The SSA will involve three basic tasks. First, we will collate information relevant to the forms that scientific advice can and should take from research projects focussed on fisheries management. Second, we will interact with seven sets of stakeholders involved in fisheries management decision making at various scales to help us sharpen the practical
lessons from what we have gathered from the research results. Third, we will carry these lessons from fisheries to the broader marine management community.

The deliverables include three reviews of the implications of research results for forms of scientific advice, three best practices articles that will be the product of the interactions with the stakeholder groups, a catalogue of marine environmental management efforts that will be the basis of the network building, three policy briefs aimed at decision makers, one of which is an article on research priorities for improving scientific advice in marine environmental management, and a book on the relationship between the geographical scale of environmental problems and the forms of scientific advice that are appropriate for addressing them.

Coordinator: IFM


Effektiv start/slut dato15/04/200514/04/2008


  • EU 6th Framework Programme


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