Self-Validating Self-Reconfigurable Control Systems

  • Tabatabaeipour, Seyed Mojtaba (Projektdeltager)



In complex large systems there are many components and strong interaction between them. Hence the overall system depends crucially on the individual performance of the components. Therefore a fault in a single component may degrade the overall performance of the system and may even leads to unacceptable loss of system functionality. Due to increasing demands for safer and more reliable control systems significant research have been done in the field of fault detection and diagnosis and in reconfigurable/fault tolerant control systems.

The aim of this PHD study is to develop methods for self-validating self-reconfigurable control systems. The control system should provide sanity check at the commissioning phase of the operation by methodically verifying/identifying involved instrumentation functionalities in the system. Also it must monitor the system and provides on-line accommodation of faults when they are detected. Moreover it should consider reconfiguration of the control in the case of severe faults when the accommodation of faults is not possible.

Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/201018/05/2013


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