Simulering af Vindkraftværker / Simulation of WindTurbine Power Plant



The project objectives are modelling and simulation of an existing wind farm (Hagesholm) with 6, 2 MW wind turbines, taking into account park effect, and tower shadows. Simulation of active stall control; stability, fault analysis, wind turbulences in the wind farm and the effect of these transients on the electric distribution network are also done. For simulations the tool DigSilent PowerFactory is used. The study includes the following models: stochastic wind model, aerodynamics, mechanics - transmission, induction generators (2 MW/500 kW) and blade angle control. For generator startup a soft starter was used and modelled. The power factor compensation is by capacitor banks in the generator system. A part of the distribution grid is also modelled on the 10 kV level, including cable models in and between the turbines. Simulation results will be compared with measurements for model validation. This simulation model should be a useful tool for the wind power industry and distribution companies for future wind farm design. Sponsors of the project are Danish Energy Agency and DanControl Engineering. (Lorand Janosi, Birgitte Bak-Jensen, Frede Blåbjerg; Poul Sørensen, Anca Hansen, Risø-VEA/EDS; Peter Christensen, NVE; John Bech, DanControl Engineering)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200331/12/2003