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A Case Study of the Link between Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Creation in Emerging Technology in China

Søberg, P. V., 2019, (Accepteret/In press) InnovativeCapabilities and Globalization of Chinese Firms: Becoming a Leader inInnovation Spaces. McKelvey, M. & Jin, J. (red.). Edward Elgar Publishing

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  • Balancing High Open Circuit Voltage over 1.0 V and High Short Circuit Current in Benzodithiophene-Based Polymer Solar Cells with Low Energy Loss: A Synergistic Effect of Fluorination and Alkylthiolation

    Du, Z., Bao, X., Li, Y., Liu, D., Wang, J., Yang, C., Wimmer, R., Städe, L. W., Yang, R. & Yu, D., 15 mar. 2018, I : Advanced Energy Materials. 8, 8, 12 s., 1701471 .

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