Smart Battery Management Systems for Improved Lifetime with Extended Useful Capacity



Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used in EVs applications due to its high power, energy density, high cycle life, and almost no memory effect. However, the imbalance presents between different battery cells because of different capacities of them, which limits the utilization of battery pack.

This Ph.D. project will focus on developing a smart battery pack with low-loss balancing system and higher reliability based on wireless communication. First, Build an accurate Lithium-Ion battery model with cells degradation and external different environment. Then, develop an optimal topology of battery module, which can insert or bypass a cell from the battery pack. Finally, design a great algorithm to control the battery balancing system to achieve high efficiency and high stability.
Funding: Self-funded
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202031/07/2023


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