SMILE (Smart Island Energy systems)

  • Bak-Jensen, Birgitte (PI (principal investigator))
  • Iov, Florin (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Pillai, Jayakrishnan Radhakrishna (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Østergaard, Poul Alberg (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Marczinkowski, Hannah Mareike (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Ponnaganti, Pavani (Projektdeltager)



Europe’s electricity sector is experiencing severe transformations: modernization of the electricity system is vital for achieving Europe’s energy targets, and smart grids and flexible electricity systems are essential for this modernization. On this respect, the SMILE project will demonstrate different innovative technological and non-technological solutions in large- scale smart grid demonstration projects in the Orkneys, Samsø and Madeira islands, paving the way for their introduction in the market in the near future. The technological solutions vary from: integration of battery technology, power to heat, power to fuel, pumped hydro, electric vehicles, electricity stored on board of boats, an aggregator approach to demand side management (DSM) and predictive algorithms.

The pilots will demonstrate operation of the distribution grid under stable and secure conditions to implement solutions for demand response, intelligent control and automation of distribution networks; they have high shares of RES in the electricity grid or have planned increasing shares in the next years. All of them will demonstrate stable grid operation with use of storage solutions and smart integration of grid users from transport.

Each pilot will test the most appropriate solutions for local specificities, and common lessons with cross-cutting valence will be derived. Involving projects on islands will ease engaging residents in SMILE. Indeed, islanders are usually sensible to provide availability to test solutions impacting their daily life. Finally, two of the pilots are not total energy islands, thus representing smart grids located on the mainland and not limiting replication potential to other island locations only.

SMILE consortium is composed by 19 partners from 6 EU countries: all the value chain actors needed to efficiently implement the 3 projects have been involved and an innovation management approach will guarantee a wider exploitation and replication of technological solutions.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201731/10/2021


  • Horizon Europe: 90.190.050,00 kr.


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