Up till now, fire and smoke management has been considered in new buildings on the basis of different standards. The new Danish Building Regulation gives the possibility of designing the fire and smoke management system individually to the actual building.
New research is needed to improve the design of smoke ventilation, and projects on the ventilation of theatres, smoke management in a building with double façades and low effect fire have been initiated.
As part of the projects existing models for design of smoke movement has be examined – among others the application of simple CFD models as well as FDS and multizone models. Benchmark tests will be used to validate the models together with comparison with scale-model experiments.
Scale-model experiments are developed that may give new insight in the nature of smoke movement in fires appearing on stage in theatres, in office buildings equipped with double facades and low effect fire. To succeed in this approach it is crucial to consider the influence of dimensionless numbers including an investigation on Reynolds number dependency.
Part of the projects is performed in cooperation with NIRAS Safety.
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Office buildings
Computational fluid dynamics
Reynolds number