SQoS / The Structural Impact on Quality of Service Parameters

  • Madsen, Ole Brun (Projektdeltager)



The project is part of a long-term strategy to establish an internationally recognised environment for research in telecommunication infrastructures, and to contribute to fill a vacuum in the national research and educational efforts in this field.

The goal of the project is to provide a platform for this area and conducting research in selected topics during the project period in order to demonstrate the potential impact.

The main objective of the project can be summarised as:

To establish a platform for an internationally recognised research environment in the telecommunication infrastructure field.
To perform research in architectures for global network infrastructure, in overall design strategies and methodologies applicable for telecommunication use and with special emphasis on the structural impact on Quality of Service (QoS) parameters.
To support the DDN initiative on infrastructure questions and to assist in the co-ordination of the various project in this field in order to influence the future national infrastructure through the evolution of improved architectures, able to provide the functionality required in a modern IT based community.
To support a research based education in a new planned network engineering line.
The research has the aim of producing results applicable for complex infrastructures by the expected synergy from combining system engineering with dynamic and static modelling techniques and with specific focus on infrastructure architectures able to comply with specified classes of Quality of Service demands. This is part of a more general set of complex unsolved problems required from e.q. distributed control applications to be serviced across a global network infrastructure. This kind of applications can to day only be serviced in dedicated infrastructures at prohibitive high costs.
The introduction of a generalised Quality of Service class request concept in context with the possibility to classify and certificate global network infrastructure service compliance based on architectural properties will be a major step forward.

The project will further investigate in an algorithmic approach in network modelling able to handle large network structures in order to assist the analysis and design work in the network planning process.

The newly launched DDN initiative in the Northern Jutland Region creates a unique opportunity for this project to validate some of the foreseen results in realistic environments and to influence the evolution of the Danish network infrastructure during the envisaged period.
Effektiv start/slut dato31/07/200331/07/2003


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