Stability Analysis of Wind Turbines under Small and Large Disturbances



Large-scale onshore and offshore wind farms, incorporating hundreds of wind turbines, are increasingly being built across Europe. Nevertheless, the interactions between wind turbines in the same wind farm and between different wind farms create new challenges to network stability and power quality. Such challenges consist of the sustained dynamic oscillations, low inertia situations and the reduction of the voltage stability margin.

This project focuses on the modelling of wind turbines under small and large disturbances of the offshore power network. Its main purpose it to study the accuracy and robustness of the small-signal wind turbine model, and to expand this research by studying large-signal wind turbine modeling in case of severe disturbances. The development of a design-oriented analytical model for wind turbines under symmetric and asymmetric faults is the main objective.

Funding: WinGrid, an EU-H2020 Grant funded by the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions-Innovative Training Networks(MSCA-ITN)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/202030/09/2023


  • Ørsted A/S


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