Street Gang Involvement Among Nordic Youth: A comparative study on prevalence and risk factors in Nordic countries

  • Klement, Christian (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Kaakinen, Markus (PI (principal investigator))
  • Møller, Kim (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Westfelt, Lars (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Rostami, Amir (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Valdimarsdóttir, Margrét (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Lomell, Heidi (CoI (co-investigator))



Gangs and gang-related crime have been discussed in the Nordic countries since the late 20th century. Recently, concerns about the phenomenon have risen again. Concerns have mainly related to Sweden, but there have also been signs of gang-related crime in other Nordic countries. The juvenile street gangs, especially among marginalized social groups from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, are at the heart of the gang phenomenon. This project analyzes gang involvement and pro-criminal attitudes among adolescents (aged 14 to 17 years) in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden using representative school samples (N = 9,000) from ten Nordic cities (2 cities from each country including capital) and state-of-the-art comparative methods. In addition, the project examines how gang involvement and attitudes toward crime relate to residential segregation and social marginalization at the individual and community levels. The project is based on the global comparative International Self-Reported Delinquency study (ISRD) and utilizes a widely used Eurogang measurement for analyzing gang involvement and gang characteristics. The research results will provide up-to-date and robust comparative knowledge on youth gang involvement and pro-criminal attitudes in the Nordic countries to inform policy making. The results will also shed light on whether residential segregation and social marginalization function as risk factors for gang crime and pro-criminal attitudes among Nordic adolescents. The research results are reported via peer-reviewed research articles, policy briefs, and publications intended for the general public.
Kort titelStreet Gang Involvement Among Nordic Youth
StatusIkke startet


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