Student-Company Fair: Toward a 3rd generation of PBL



"[Student-company fair] is truly breathing life into Aalborg problem based learning
model… it is problem based learning in practice... It is one of the ways to innovate our problem based learning model” – Inger Askehave, AAU Vice-Rector (Feb 14, 2014).

Romeo V. Turcan developed the concept of the Student-Company Fair in 2010 and launched it in 2011 as a joint project between IBC (International Business Centre) and SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg).

The aim of the Student-Company fair is to generate opportunities for BSc students to identify and solve real company problems in their semester projects. Our BSc students and companies and institutions from Northern Jutland come together to work together on identifying and solving real business problems these organizations currently face. In such a way, for the duration of the semester, the students get engaged in a direct dialogue and close cooperation with the entrepreneurs and local public institutions. After the semester project submission deadline, a Semester Project Competition Day takes place during which the students present their findings and solutions to a judge panel, their colleagues and company CEOs. This way the students not only rehearse for their exam, receive constructive feedback from the judge panel, but also have the opportunity to win 3 prizes for the best three projects.

The Student Company Fair is supported and facilitated by SEA and the Study Board of the Department of Business and Management.
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